Weekends Not Counted in 3 Day Notices


Did you know a Tenant has 3 days to respond to an eviction notice and 5 days to respond to an eviction lawsuit? A new law (AB 2343) recently signed states that weekends and court holidays will be excluded when figuring deadlines...



Decks, Stairways, and Walkway Inspections Required by Law


This law requires that buildings with 3 or more multi-family dwelling units with decks, balconies, stairways, and walkways must be inspected by a properly licensed person by January 1, 2025, and a subsequent inspection must be done every 6 years. The owner would have to make repairs if the inspector found that the decks or balconies needed repair. 

All repair and replacement work shall be performed by a qualified and licensed contractor. A permit for the repairs must be applied for within 120 days of receipt of the inspection report, and the owner has 120 days more to complete the repairs. 



Landlord Must Accept Rent from Third Parties


Presently landlords often refuse to accept rent payment from anyone but the tenant since doing so may create an unintended tenancy. This new law requires a landlord to accept rent from a third party when the third-party signs an acknowledgment. Specifically, this new law:



Cut Your Investment Expenses Before You Get a Tenant



Rental property investment is of great interest to more investors than ever.  There are television shows about flipping properties and rental investing, as well as articles and websites devoted to how-to topics of real estate investing.  There is no shortage of opinion and instruction about how to successfully invest in real estate, but one topic should get more attention... 



Real Estate Investing for the Faint of Heart


Are you a stock market and bond investor who has watched the TV shows and read about real estate investing, but you haven't made a move in that direction?  If so, you're in a crowded group, so don't feel alone.


After all, for decades you and others before you have invested in the stock market over the long haul, hoping to be buying low and selling high at some point.  Those investors who have regularly bought stocks and held over the long term have done well, but only over the long haul.  If they tried to "time the market" or had to sell when it wasn't a good time, they could have taken a beating...



Why use an Apartment Specialist?


The next time you choose a Real Estate Professional to represent you in Purchasing, Selling or Exchanging your investment properties, consider the importance of choosing an Apartment Specialist. Apartment Investing requires Specialized Knowledge relating to Financing, Marketing, Investment Analysis, Inventory, Contracts, Due Diligence, and Tenant Issues...